Lilith Magick: Infernal Magick (Deities in Infernal Magick Book 2)


Fulfill your desires and get tangible results by manipulating reality with the help of Lilith.

Lilith is such a popular deity because she truly has the power to accomplish virtually anything within the material, astral, spiritual and mental planes. Not only does she have power, but she easily serves whoever turns to her in the right way.

I worship Lilith and have received dozens and dozens of favors from the Goddess. This book is a tribute and a way to attract more people to worship her.

This is the most comprehensive book available on Lilith Magick, and all Rituals have never been published before. Some are quite old and others were developed by me and my Coven Brothers.

I am opening to the public our inner and secret Rituals, in order to weaken the power of the demiurge and strengthen the worship of Goddess Lilith.

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