Your Baby’s Bottle-feeding Aversion_ Reasons and Solutions. – Rowena Bennett


An infant bottle-feeding aversion is one of the most complex, stressful and confusing situations parents could face. Baby becomes distressed, cries at feeding times and refuses to feed or eats very little despite obvious hunger. Why is my baby refusing a bottle? This is a question parents ask numerous health professionals while searching for a solution. Babies are typically diagnosed with one, two or three medical conditions to explain their aversive feeding behavior during brief appointments. Consequently, many parents don??t receive an effective solution from the health professionals they consult. This is why this book is so necessary. Rowena Bennett is an Australian nurse who holds professional qualifications in various nursing fields including pediatrics, midwifery, child health, mental health and lactation consultant. She has over 20 years experience advising parents how to resolve infant feeding and sleeping problems. Rowena has helped 1000’s of babies get over their bottle refusal and enjoy feeding bottle-feeding once again. Parents claim the relief is life changing. In Your Baby??s Bottle-feeding Aversion, Rowena describes the various reasons babies display aversive feeding behavior, explains how the reader can identify the cause, and describes effective solutions. Included are step-by-step instructions on how to resolve a behavioral feeding aversion that occurs as a result of being repeatedly pressured to feed – the most common of all reasons for babies to become averse to feeding. Your Baby??s Bottle-feeding Aversion provides practical professional feeding advice, that not only makes good sense, it works!

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